high on the hog

【习语溯源】High off/on the hog_星火词汇_新浪博客

High off/on the hog这个习惯用语起源于20世纪中叶的美国南方.美国南方人或者讲究吃的人一般都知道,猪肉的最好部位是所谓的“上部位”(high up onthe hog)的肉,如里脊、猪排、后腿、小排骨等,...


High on the Hog-电影---爱奇艺

High on the Hog是由Tony Wash导演,希德·海格,Joe Estevez,罗伯特·齐达等主演的剧情,动作,犯罪电影.电影简介:With a potent strain of pot sweeping the City,


High on the hog

Jiang Xuejun decided to take a day off. Certainly, this was unusual for the farmer who was busy tending to more than 200


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